Top 5 Vegan Fish Sauce Brands of 2023

Vegan Fish Sauce Brands

Do you know any vegans who would want to try out a fish sauce substitute? Bring them along with you as I will take with me all interested readers on a journey to discover what is the best vegan fish sauce in our modern vegetarian world and recommend some brands that you should consider buying.

What is the best commercial vegan fish sauce brand?

In the modern world, Vegans have access to a broad range of commercial fish sauces, and each of these brands possesses a unique flavour; below are the lists of these options ;

Vegan Fish Sauce Brands

Ocean’s Halo Vegan Fish Sauce:

The sauce originates from a kelp and other seaweed infusion. when it is added to some foods such as stir fries, soups and sauces that benefit from their rich umami flavor.

24 Vegan Fish Sauce:

The Vietnamese brand has used such ingredients as coconut aminos, shiitake mushroom and seaweed for its vegan fish sauce. While being Sweet in taste, it’s an excellent source of the umami flavour intensifier.

The Chilli Mash Company’s Vfish:

This is a vegan fish sauce with a slight smoked taste. It adds umami and a bit of smokiness for dishes that require it.

Yo Mama’s Foods Vegan Fish Sauce:

It is a delicious substitute for common fish sauce made out of coconut aminos, seaweeds, and shiitakes. Being subtly salty and having savory undertones makes for a great flavour which could be used in marinades, sauces and stir fry.

Mina Vegan Fish Sauce:

It largely consists of plant-based ingredients like coconut amino, nori, as well as miso paste made from brown riced. Adding its delicious and slightly sweet-salty taste to soups, stews, and sauce gives that feeling of what one desire to have.


Red Boat Vegan Fish Sauce:

Because of the dependability of the brand and the high quality of the ingredients, Red Boat Vegan Fish Sauce is a popular choice among consumers.

Three Crabs Vegan Fish Sauce:

Those enthusiastic about Vietnamese cuisine often pick the Three Crabs Vegan Fish Sauce as their sauce of choice.

Golden Mountain Vegan Fish Sauce:

This brand has an excellent umami flavour. Just the way you will love it
Thai Kitchen Vegan Fish Sauce: The Thai Kitchen provides a practical and adaptable option with its vegan fish sauce.

Rufina Vegan Fish Sauce:

This brand has received enormous praise due to the authenticity of its flavour.

Is there a vegan version of fish sauce?

There’s a vegan alternative to fish sauce! This is a vegan alternative to a classic fish sauce made from plant-derived extracts imitating different savouriness. You may also try those following vegan substitutes for fish sauce, which are among the most common.

Soy Sauce:

In many dishes, soy sauce may serve as a simple substitute for the fish sauce. Because of its ability to impart a salty, umami flavour, it’s often used with diverse Asian cuisine.


Tamari might attract people under special diets, such as a gluten-free version of soy sauce. It has a strong taste, which goes well with many foods.

Mushroom-Based Fish Sauce:

Vegan culinary creativity has produced an alternative to fish sauce, using shiitake mushrooms as the main element. This is one of the modern techniques capable enough to duplicate true fish sauce sophistication faithfully.

Seaweed-Based Fish Sauce:

Intelligent people have tried using seaweed extracts to develop a fish flavour acceptable to vegans. The essence of the ocean is captured by whatever seafood seasonings you use, whether you choose off-the-shelf commercial or mix up your seaweeds or other ingredients.

Liquid Aminos:

These soy-based spices include Bragg’s Liquid Aminos and other liquid aminos. Instead, they do an excellent job of replacing fish-type taste as they give the same salty taste, but no fish remain afterwards.

Homemade Vegan Fish Sauce:

This presents an excellent opportunity for adventurous cooks to try making their fish substitute (vegan fish sauce). Using an artful mix of ingredients such as soy sauce, miso paste, seaweed, et cetera, you could customize a unique fishy flavour.

What is vegan fish sauce made of?

we have listed the ingredients that are commonly added in a  vegan fish sauce that make it what it is read below;

Soy Sauce or Tamari:

Vegan fish sauce’s fundamental ingredient combines soy sauce and tamari. However, together, they provide an elixir of taste, full of umami depth with salt.


Giving the sauce an essence of treasure hidden underneath the sea is achieved by surrounding it gently with dry samples of kombu and nori, which are respected types of seawater food.


Shiitake mushrooms, including its relatives, appear at the table often. They add earthy tones, which are in perfect harmony with fish flavours, and take the food towards a completely different taste dimension.


Those who support tradition make sure to add a few corns of classic sea salt to maintain the usual salty flavour of the sauce.


The soft sweetness of sugar or agave syrup’s nectarous embrace harmonizes with the sea attraction. Both components match perfectly into the weaving to create an appealing balance.

Garlic and Onion:

Garlic and onion, these two aromatic powerhouses, combine to create a meal with its taste buds.

Various Spices and Seasonings:

A mixture of spices and seasonings like black pepper, ginger, and chilli highlights accompanies this symphony. Every seasoning or flavour will add another voice to this choir, and thus, a profound sound accompanied by a comforting warmth of tone.


The life-giving liquid enriches the sauce and gives it just the right amount of sweet taste. The water must be included in the sauce.

What does vegan fish sauce taste like?

Vegan fish sauce may not have the exact flavour as traditional fish sauce, but its umami flavour resembles that of fish sauce and could be used in different dishes. It resembles the taste and smell of fish but has no smell as in the fish sauce.

The attempt of adding seaweed, mushrooms, soy sauce, etc. is commendable because those are the primary components that one cannot replace to have the perfect recreation of those feelings of tasting seafood, but that “vegetarian” sauce can never come out like the

What may replace fish sauce?

In case of limited access to vegan fish sauce, as an alternative, it can be replaced by

Soy Sauce or Tamari:

It is highly possible for you prefer tamari over soy sauce, but it also depends on the dietary constraints and preferences you have. Well, people who are allergic to gluten or have an aversion to it are better off using tamari instead of regular soy sauce. In every other case, you have the option of using either one to impart a salty or umami punch to your dish.

Mushroom Soy Sauce:

Mushroom added in the savoury, earthy undertone of soy sauce. As for the aftertaste, it shall be like the wondrous patterns a painter makes on his canvas to portray the mysterious depths of the ocean.

Liquid Aminos:

The liquid amino acid performance of a lifetime! By Bragg’s Liquid Aminos. Soybean condiment is another suitable alternative that comprises an umami taste just like fish sauce.

Seaweed-Based Broth:

For the nautical feel, go for a seaweed broth. Kombu is a highly revered seaweed that will bring you close to the bottom of the ocean. It is as simple as simmering it in water, and you are on your way.

Vegetable Broth:

Vegetable broth can be an alternative to fish sauce in certain non-Asian dishes, which are not typical of Asian cuisine.

Worcestershire sauce:

This vegan substitute for your usual Worchester sauce could come in handy when you want to save your recipes. It is very tempting, with an undeniable umami flavour. It’s a little bit different and yet brilliant.

Homemade Vegan Fish Sauce:

This might be an exciting culinary journey for you to make your vegan fish sauce. It is possible to enjoy creating a vegan fish sauce. All that is needed is some soy sauce, a bit of seaweed and some garlic. Adjust it to your liking.

So, why is fish sauce not vegetarian?

Therefore, fish sauce is deemed non-vegetarian since it includes only fermented fish with various items that are derived from animals. This makes vegans refuse to consume any products originating from animal death, and therefore, the vegan fish sauce was presented.

What is the main ingredient in fish sauce?

A common ingredient of fish sauce is fish, mostly anchovy fish. Fermented fish mixed with salt makes this unique fish sauce.

What sauces do vegans eat?

Vegans have many different types of sauce to select according to their taste. Some famous vegan sauces include;
• Tomato sauce,
• Barbecue sauce,
• hot sauce,
• Tahini sauce,
• and vegan mayonnaise.

What is a vegan that still eats fish?

The term peso refers to a vegan that may consume fish and other seafood now and again. Pescatarians do not eat any form of meat or milk-based products, but they are allowed to eat fish and seafood-based products.

What makes vegan fish taste like fish?

For example, some plant-based alternatives are flavoured, like fish with seaweed, kombu, or nori as its primary ingredients. They are components that account for the usual umami flavour of fish.
Can you describe a substitute for a vegan soy sauce?

Vegans can go for coconut aminos in place of soy sauce. They are a substitute for soy sauce. These products are yielded from the fermentation of the nectar of coconut blossoms.


The article above mentioned some of the best vegan fish sauce alternatives for vegans. Plant-based vegan sauce provide a comparable umami taste, such as fish sauce. However, if you do not have access to vegan fish sauce, you can use any other vegan-compatible sauce to lend a zest to your dishes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

First of all, what is vegan fish sauce all about, and why should I even bother?

vegan fish sauce or seaweed condiment is a non-animal based substitute for traditional fish sauce, providing a comparable savory flavor. It’s perfect for vegans, vegetarians or seafood-intolerant people.

Where can I buy vegan fish sauce and is it widely available?

There are now vegan fish sauces sold in health stores, specialized groceries, or can be bought online. It has become trendy and easy to find.

How long does it take for vegetarian sauce to expire, and where exactly should I keep it?

Depending on the brand, vegan fish sauce has a very long shelf life. Make sure you keep it cool and store it into that which manufacturers recommend.

Could you state some health advantages that this product gives?

Some people consider vegan fish sauce healthy as compared to traditional fish sauce due to its reduced level of sodium. It adds flavor but helps to keep track of salt input.

Do you have any suggestions on selecting a suitable vegan fish sauce for making your dishes?

In choosing vegan fish sauce, remember preference and diet. Read labels, and do taste tests to know what brand is sweeter, salty or spicy for you depending on your cooking need.


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