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February 2016



An Experience Searching for Thai Food and Blowing a Tire

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On one particular pre-autumn/early-winter Friday evening in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Robert tallies up his weekly commission report to submit to his supervisor at his collection-agency job. He already knew it had been a good week, especially due to the $20,000 single account that he was able to make a 60% settlement on. After doing the math, he had to double check the figures, because the first tally showed him making a little over $4,000 for the single week. He rechecked his math and found that it was correct.

Robert, in an effort to reward his hard work for the week, has decided to have a dinner consisting of some authentic Thai food. The only problem is that is new to Scranton, and has not had a chance to entertain some of the local food choices, so off to the Google search he goes. The second choice, Thai Thai Scranton, is only about 5 blocks from his place of employment. It also has a review that states it has the best authentic Thai food available, so he decides to call in an order of their “famous” red curry drunken noodles and an order to bubble tea to go. He advised the employee over the phone that he would be arriving in about 45 minutes. He then proceeds to turn his report into his supervisor, shut down his workstation, and heads off to celebrate his upcoming super-high paycheck over a plate of drunken noodles.

Robert arrives at Thai Thai Scranton with no problems, all is well in the world, or so he thinks. This particular Friday night, the carry out line is rather long, so he waits with anticipation of the “perfectly prepared” red curry drunken noodles and “world famous” bubble tea. He pays for his food and arrives back at his car. Unfortunately, as Robert backed up, he ran over a large, sharp piece of metal that was lying on the ground of the parking lot, most likely the leftover shrapnel of recent roofing renovations to the building. His rear tire immediately goes flat. Robert is no fool when it comes to Thai food, and realizes that drunken noodles are only at their best when they are consumed hot and fresh. He does not want to take the chance of missing this savory opportunity, so he decides to quickly get out his floor jack and change his tire. He promptly opens the trunk and sees and empty space where he normally keeps his floor jack, and sudden realizes that he lent it to his sister the previous week. Robert comes prepared, though, as he keeps his AAA membership for roadside emergencies, and he gives them a call. The phone operator verifies his information, but informs him that it will be a 45 minute wait on the AAA truck to arrive. Robert now has to make a decision. Should he wait on the AAA driver, taking the chance that the drunken noodles will stay piping hot in their Styrofoam container? Or should he just consume his dinner right then and there? Knowing the limits of the Styrofoam, Robert creates a makeshift table on the hood of his car and has his dinner in the parking lot of Thai Thai Scranton, deciding not to go inside and sit down, for fear of missing the AAA truck. As suggested, the noodles are amazing, and Robert reminds his mental checklist of the importance of giving the restaurant a stunning review. About an hour and a half later, the AAA truck arrives and changes his tire. Robert returns home, thinking not of his inconvenience that evening, but of his upcoming $4,000 paycheck. He decides to let his sister keep his floor jack, deciding to buy a new one next week.